Is it safe to give you my data?

No. Giving your sensitive information to Terbium, or any company, is not safe. For each additional place your confidential information is stored, you face an increased risk of it being stolen and sold or leaked online.

That’s why we Fingerprint your data. Our patented Fingerprinting technology computes a one-way cryptographic hash of your data, and that hash is the only information ever sent to Terbium. We believe that you should never have to disclose your data in the name of security, which is why these hashes, these Fingerprints, are created client side (either in your web browser or through using our SDK and API). 

Matchlight stores your Fingerprints, not your sensitive, plaintext data. These Fingerprints allow Matchlight to alert you within minutes when your data appears online, without ever needing access to your sensitive information.